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Your home foundation is something of an afterthought until things start to happen, that is when you need to able to turn to a trusted company to help you out.  Unfortunately, home foundation issues can become quite expensive the longer you wait to take care of the problems.  For most homeowners, your home is your most valuable investment, and the foundation is the base of your house which when you think about the support of anything can become quite scary if not taken care of properly.  This is why it is so important to take care of an issue like foundation failure, leaking basements, and cracked walls when you start to see the problems.  If you wait as the homeowner for changes to develop the cost of the repairs can become quite overwhelming incredibly fast.  Due to our 16 years of experience and professionals on our team, Houston foundation repair is the #1 company to repair your foundation.  If you are struggling to find the right foundation repair and basement waterproofing company in Houston, please contact us today

We specialize in offering the following:

    • On time Foundation Repair Professionals that will evaluate the damage to your home both inside and outside
    • Excellent, dependable work that will last the test of time
    • Manufacturer warranties on installations exclusive to our unique products
    • One-on-one consultations without customers, providing exceptional service
    • What type of Foundation Repair Services do we offer?

At Houston foundation repair we employ only the best-skilled professionals dedicated to fixing your foundation failure issues in the most efficient way possible.  If you have been worried about the cracks in your wall and the holes forming in your cinder block walls around your house, then do not hesitate any longer with fixing the problem. Call today (713) 322-6409!

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What are some signs to look for with Foundations Failing?

If you have been worried about those cracks in your foundation, there are several key signs that you can look out for before it is too late. Here are some of the more common signs that you should pay attention to in the Houston area that typically result in major foundation repair services.

    • Bowing and or Cracked Basement Walls
    • Sticking Windows and Doors that do not close properly
    • Cracked ceilings and Drywall
    • Bricks and Cinder Block walls with stair step crack patterns
    • Wet Basement Walls or Water leaking into basement areas

Here are a Few Reasons why Foundations Fail in Houston:


    In Houston, we all know how hot and dry it can get.  These conditions wreak havoc on a foundation.  The settlement that occurs because of this expansion and severe contraction is attributed to a moisture imbalance that can cause cracks to appear throughout homes.


Root structure from surrounding trees can cause dehydration to the soil under a home resulting in soil contraction and then this, in turn, causes homes to settle, crack, and fail.

Plumbing Leaks:

Water leakage from plumbing failure can severely disrupt ground stability, and further causing a foundation to fail.


When the proper drainage is overlooked around a house, it can cause excess moisture to build up which can cause soil erosion to occur on the ground around a home. When this moisture builds up over time, this buildup can cause the ground to begin to shift from where the foundation was originally intended.  This imbalance will cause foundations to slip and settle causing cracks and failure of the foundation.

Poor Site preparation for the House:

If the soil was moved and not allowed to settle for an appropriate amount of time, if placing a foundation on this type of ground then movement will most assuredly start to happen over time. Proper settle time is critical for the ground to help support the massive weight of a house.

Poor Conditions of the Soil:

If the soil contains too many organic compounds, trash, or other such things that do not allow a proper compaction of the ground, then these can all be attributed to a foundation failure.  When the composition is such that years later when things settle and or start to decompose then shifting will begin to occur.

The cost of all these things combined will add up quickly if not taken care of properly. This is why you much determine the extent of the severity of the home foundation and cure these issues quickly.  Houston Foundation Repair can help you out with a quick estimate for the solution to your house.

For a Free, Estimate Call us Now. (713) 322-6409!

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