The Expense of Repairing a Home Foundation

When evaluating a home’s foundation, there are many things to take into account. The extent of the foundation failure will factor into the expense of the repairs, what equipment will be involved and some man hours it will take to make the repairs.  Hiring the right professional will be one of the most important factors to decide.  The decisions that the right foundation repair contractor will make will determine if your home will need further repairs in the future or if they will get the repair right the first time. Many homes go years without ever having cracks and leaks start to occur; those homeowners are lucky.  However there are a few that will have to deal with these issues at some point during their home ownership, these few people want to make the right decision the first time.  At the point you have decided to hire a foundation repair company you want to make the right call, calculating the average cost of the repairs and choosing the right company can sometimes be at odds with one-another. However hiring the right team will ensure that you are making the right decision.

Foundation Repair Average CostsFoundation Repair Cost

Typically depending on the extent of the damage, foundation repair costs can range between five thousand and seven thousand dollars.  These rough estimates are dependent on no other issues popping up during the repair process, such as plumbing issues or possibly moving HVAC piping around. Keep in mind some jobs can be as low as the $1,200 and others can go well over $10,000. It just depends on some hours it will take for the repair and the equipment involved.

Repair Involvement

Some home repairs are more preventative than others. It can be easy to pinpoint where home failure is occurring, and if you are lucky you can prevent the problems from getting worse and causing more damage.  The preventative jobs are the jobs that most homeowners consider as the lucky ones; these jobs can help prevent the large ones from occurring.  When thinking about home repairs, this is why it is so important to not ignore your house when you are starting to see signs of failure starting to happen.

Types of Foundations

Some of the most common foundations out are the t-shaped foundation, a pier and beam foundation, and a slab foundation. These different foundation types will determine how much you will pay for your repairs. Because different foundations are constructed differently, they require different tools for the repair and will impact the cost associated with the repairs.

Size Matters

The size of your house naturally will make a large impact on the cost of the repairs. If you have a thousand square feet that are failing vs. a couple of hundred square feed, this will mean more material and more man hours possibly for the repair.  What another factor consider with larger homes is that structurally they may be more complex to hold the weight of a larger home. Therefore they will need different material for the repairs.  Therefore typically the size of the house will have an impact on the cost of the repairs.

Foundation Repair Contractors

There are many different foundation repair contractors in every city. Let’s face it houses are getting older and older every day, so there is a lot of business out there.  Therefore the charges that they impose will typically vary as to how experienced they think they are and how much they feel as though they can charge.  The more seasoned companies that have been in business for a long time may feel as though their opinion for the repair job should cost more than a younger team that is just starting out.

If you have been doing your research and looking into different companies, the best advice we can give you is to get many different quotes. Listen to all of the contractors and reviews over all their plans on what they intend to do to fix your problem.  Keep in mind that they are the professionals, although you might think you realize what is wrong with your foundation, they are the professionals.  If you notice that your house seems to be settling, and you are starting to see cracks in your walls or your floor is uneven, then you should have a professional come and give you their opinion. By repairing your foundation issues now this will help to increase the longevity of your house for years to come and contribute to increasing the resell value of your home.

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