Causes of Foundation Problems and Signs to Look For

The largest investment that most people have is their home.  When homeowners start to experience Foundation Problems, this can cause many people to worry about how to cover the cost of foundation repairs and where to turn.  To ensure the safety and comfort of your investment, it is critical to maintaining a good foundation, both in life and in your home.  Typically, a home foundation is the last thing that a homeowner has to consider, however when people start to see cracks and bowing in the walls of homes then homeowners need somewhere to turn.  Fixing a foundation on time helps to save money and further damage to a foundation, minimizing expenses and relieving stress to the homeowner.  By delaying repairing a foundation as a homeowner, it possibly can cause further damage with time.

What to look for with a Foundation Problem

There are numerous things to look for with foundation problems. Uneven floors are one thing to Cracked wallkeep an eye out for also in combination with the floors is also bowing walls. Whenever you are cleaning your house, it is a good idea to notice the small things. If you think that you are observing dips in the floors or that they seem uneven, it would be a good idea to get a quote from a professional; you never know until you get a free estimate.

One sign that you might observe would be that some doors start to stick or fail to shut properly. Cracks in the walls or stains might start to appear where water has been leaking and causing damage to the floors, and ceilings.  Doorways and windows might seem to be harder to close and shut completely. These are just a few of the common signs that start to show first when houses begin to shift.

Some property owners may notice these changes and do quick work to fix the problems. However, more times than not homeowners delay these fixes until they end up costing them much more money than they expected.  One of the more important things to do when you start to see these changes in your home is to find a professional contractor for foundation repair services.  By communicating with a professional, you will make sure that your property is taken care of from beginning to end. A professional will make sure that you get down to the root of the problem and do not just fix the exterior, but make sure you correct the problem.

Home Foundation Problem Causes

Do you live next to caves or sinkholes?  Have surrounding neighborhoods around you been reporting sinkholes and depressions in the roads?  Then possibly your home was built next to ground that might not be the most stable.  Also, poor construction and or outdated building codes might be at fault.  If a house was thrown up and not well supported in an area of the country that might have ground that is not as firm as others, then this can cause a foundation to degrade quickly.  The flaws in a foundation that is not excellent can become quite apparent soon.

Soil expansion can also be a culprit.  Soil under the foundation if it was not researched and tested properly can degrade a foundation quickly.  When solid becomes wet due to improper drainage or areas where the soil stays damp for long periods of time can slowly degrade the integrity of the foundation as well. Sometimes things as simple as moving gutters away from the foundation and or installing French Drains can help a foundation have a much longer life.

If the soil was not settled well enough before construction started this can also cause a shifting, due to the settling of the soil after construction. With these things considered sometimes it is just best to call in the experts to see what kind of fix will be necessary. So, give Houston Foundation Repair a call today to check out your foundation.

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